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Offering high-end digital and analog film photography & video services for your big day!

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  • How far in advance should we book your wedding photography services?
    Typically, the average time is anywhere between a year and 6 months but depending on when your wedding date is, I can potentially squeeze you in within a couple of weeks if we get to booking immediately. I work for 2 other wedding companies so my time (especially on the weekends during the months of June-August is limited).
  • What is your photography style and approach for capturing wedding moments?
    As a veteran in the wedding photography industry, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to capture your special moments with finesse. From knowing the average wedding song and dance to understanding the intricacies of the day, I am well-prepared to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for you. Communication is key, and I am committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Whether it's providing you with an itinerary or gathering any necessary information, I strive to make the process seamless for you. Once you book me, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your wedding, knowing that I have everything under control. My photography style is cinematic, timeless, and real. I aim to capture vintage-style images that exude elegance and charm, as well as modern shots that reflect the present moment. Your memories are precious, and I am dedicated to creating photographs that will last a lifetime, preserving the emotions and memories of your special day for generations to come!
  • Can we customize a wedding photography package that fits our unique needs and budget?
    Absolutely, I am extremely flexible when it comes to budget to ensure you are happy, taken care of, and have all of your needs met. I am able to give you a customized rate to fit your specific requirements and give you a bang for your buck!
  • Do you offer engagement or pre-wedding photo sessions as part of your services?
    I do! It is a rate of 150$ per hour with a total of 200-300 photo edits depending on your needs for a small additional rate.
  • What is your process for delivering the final wedding photos and how long does it typically take?
    After your wedding day, I carefully curate and edit the photos to ensure they are of the highest quality. My process includes selecting the best shots, enhancing them to bring out their beauty, and creating a cohesive visual narrative that tells the story of your wedding day. The film photography process takes up to a week depending on the type of film used, and you receive all of the best images from those batches as well in addition to your digital photo edits. The timeline for delivering the final wedding photos varies depending on the scope and scale of your event. However, as a seasoned professional, I understand the anticipation and excitement of receiving your cherished memories. On average, you can expect to receive your final wedding photos within 1-3 weeks after your wedding day. In terms of video delivery, my editing team and I work closely to ensure that all final cuts are made to perfection, and from there, I deliver the wedding video (with the method of your choice) within 1-4 weeks time. Rest assured, I take great care in every step of the process to deliver stunning images and videos that capture the essence of your special day. I believe in providing you with nothing less than exceptional service and heirloom-quality photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.
  • What Are Your Standard Rates?
    Rates vary depending on a few factors. Once you provide the details, I can give you a full quote within 24-48hours. Please provide the following information: How big is the wedding (to know if I need a second shooter) How many hours do you need us there? (average time is 10 hours) Will there be multiple locations (for getting ready, family shots, ceremony, reception etc) Where is it located? What is the wedding date? Will you need photo, video or both? If you need video, what type of video do you want? (Trailer Version, Feature Version, Full Ceremony, Full Speeches, Drone visuals) Once these questions are answered, I can go ahead and send you a quote.
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