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Curious about the story behind 'Mrs. Makaveli'? Picture a world where resilience converges with strategy, and you'll soon unravel why this moniker encapsulates the timeless wisdom and unyielding spirit that defines my narrative. So, why do people call me Mrs. Makaveli, you ask?

Origins of Mrs. Makaveli

My journey as "Mrs. Makaveli" finds its roots in the profound influence of Tupac Shakur, my childhood hero.


Growing up, Tupac's legacy served as a guiding light, inspiring me to adopt a similar ethos in my photography and media company. His unyielding advocacy for the underprivileged and his ability to articulate the struggles of the marginalized left an indelible mark on my worldview.

The nickname "Mrs. Makaveli" was a reflection of my admiration for Tupac's resilience and strategic mindset. This influence permeates my artistic endeavors, shaping both my business model and the underlying message in my work. Like Tupac, I aspire to use my platform to amplify the voices of the overlooked, shedding light on stories that often remain untold.

Tupac's legacy, rather than being a strict template, serves as an inspiration that transcends into my artistry, vision, and approach. It's about embodying the fearlessness to address societal issues and channeling a passion for authentic expression.


"Mrs. Makaveli" encapsulates this commitment, symbolizing a dedication to challenging norms, sparking meaningful conversations, and leaving a lasting impact through my creative endeavours.

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